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The aim of the app is to help people that are new to Android familiarise themselves with various common gestures used throughout every app such as tapping, double-tapping, long-pressing, scrolling, swiping and drag & drop, there are also a few practices for actions such as editing & copy & paste.

Each practice provides an explanation of how to perform a specific gesture and then allows you to practice it.

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Technical Info

initialPlayStoreUpload: 05-Dec-2022

lastUpdated: 11-Mar-2024

currentVersion: 1.15

languageUsed: Flutter v3.19.2, Dart v3.3.0

change history

v1.15 (11-Mar-2024)

v1.14 (21-Feb-2024)

v1.12 (25-Jan-2024)

v1.11 (27-Nov-2023)

v1.10 (12-Oct-2023)

v1.9 (04-Oct-2023)

v1.8 (27-Sep-2023)

v1.7 (08-Aug-2023)

v1.6 (03-Mar-2023)

v1.5 (28-Jan-2023)

v1.4 (03-Jan-2023)

v1.3 (08-Dec-2022)

v1.2 (05-Dec-2022)