Cryptex Quiz app


With over 120 definitions, this app, based on a fictional cryptex puzzle-box, will test your general knowledge of English words and their respective definitions.

From the app home page, you can select how many word definitions you would like to play & set a duration to guess the word from the definition.

You can also view the results of each game played & by tapping the "show summary" icon in the app bar it will show a summary of all games played.

Playing the Game

Tapping the play button starts a new game.

When the game starts, you will be presented with a definition of an English word, using the five scrolling letter pickers, spell out the word which matches the displayed definition.

Once you’ve set the letter pickers, tap the unlock button to see if you are correct, if you have spelled out the wrong word, you will have the choice of retrying or skipping to the next definition.

You can attempt to guess the correct word as many times as you like but be aware of the countdown timer, once it reaches 00:00 you will have to skip the definition and move onto the next.

At the end of the game, a summary will be displayed so you can see how you did.

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Technical Info

initialPlayStoreUpload: 09-Jan-2023

lastUpdated: 28-May-2024

currentVersion: 1.9

languageUsed: Flutter v3.22.1, Dart v3.4.1

change history

v1.9 (28-May-2024)

v1.8 (29-Apr-2024)

v1.7 (20-Feb-2024)

v1.6 (26-Jan-2024)

v1.5 (13-Dec-2023)

v1.4 (05-Oct-2023)

v1.3 (14-Sep-2023)

v1.2 (04-Aug-2023)

v1.0 (09-Jan-2023)