My Recipes app


The app provides an easy way to enter details of your own recipes.

To add a new recipe, tap the add icon on the recipe list page and enter a title, on the recipe detail screen you can then enter details of the required ingredients and the method.

On the recipe detail page, you can edit the previously entered recipe details or you can mail the recipe via your default mail app, double-tap the ingredients or method to view more details.

From the recipe list page, you can search your previously entered recipes and by swiping an entry to the left, you can delete it, to delete multiple entries, long-press and select one or more recipe cards and then tap the delete icon in the app bar.

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Technical Info

initialPlayStoreUpload: 05-Aug-2021

lastUpdated: 01-Mar-2024

currentVersion: 1.23

languageUsed: Flutter v3.19.2, Dart v3.3.0

change history

v1.23 (01-Mar-2024)

v1.22 (22-Nov-2023)

v1.21 (23-Oct-2023)

v1.20 (13-Oct-2023)

v1.19 (12-Aug-2023)

v1.17 (24-Apr-2023)

v1.15 (21-Mar-2023)

v1.14 (04-Jan-2023)

v1.12 (05-Dec-2022)

v1.11 (07-Oct-2022)

v1.10 (02-Aug-2022)

v1.9 (12-Jun-2022)

v1.8 (05-May-2022)

v1.7 (23-Apr-2022)

v1.6 (30-Mar-2022)

v1.5 (19-Feb-2022)

v1.4 (10-Jan-2022)