Hang-eddie-Man Quiz app


Welcome to Hang ‘Eddie’ Man, a hangman inspired game about British rock band Iron Maiden.

Tap the play icon and the game will start, the default number of questions per game is 20, to change the default, tap the settings icon on the home screen.

When the game starts, you have five attempts to guess the answer from two clues, one of the clues is Maiden specific and the other clue may be related to Maiden or could be general knowledge, if you guess the answer within five attempts you will save Eddie but take more than five attempts and Eddie will hang.

You can skip a question if required, caution, this counts to the "Eddie hung" tally.

From the home screen, you can see the results from the ‘last game’ and ‘all games’ you played.

Up the Irons!

Icons used in this app are made by https://www.freepik.com

Technical Info

initialPlayStoreUpload: 07-Jul-2021

lastUpdated: 02-May-2024

currentVersion: 1.21

languageUsed: Flutter v3.19.6, Dart v3.3.4

change history

v1.21 (02-May-2024)

v1.20 (20-Feb-2024)

v1.19 (13-Dec-2023)

v1.18 (23-Oct-2023)

v1.17 (05-Oct-2023)

v1.16 (01-Oct-2023)

v1.15 (04-Sep-2023)

v1.14 (02-Aug-2023)

v1.12 (24-Feb-2023)

v1.11 (16-Jan-2023)

v1.10 (15-Oct-2022)

v1.9 (18-Jul-2022)

v1.8 (08-Jun-2022)

v1.7 (04-May-2022)

v1.6 (29-Mar-2022)

v1.5 (07-Feb-2022)