Iron Maiden Quiz app


With over 450 questions, this app will test your knowledge of the awesome British rock band Iron Maiden, there are two ways of playing the quiz, either via “a number of questions” or a “timed” game.

From the home page, the settings button allows you to set how many questions to play in the “number of questions” game and set the duration of the “timed game”.

The results button takes you to the results for all previously played games, there is also an overall summary.

Results can be deleted by long pressing one or more result cards and tapping the delete icon.

Playing the Game

When the game starts, you will be presented with a question and four possible answers, selecting the correct answer will allow you to advance to the next question, if you get the question wrong, you will have the choice of retrying or skipping to the next question.

Get the question wrong for a second time and you will have to skip that question!

At the end of the game, a summary will be displayed so you can see how you did.

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Technical Info

initialPlayStoreUpload: 18-Apr-2021

lastUpdated: 08-May-2024

currentVersion: 1.25

languageUsed: Flutter v3.19.6, Dart v3.3.4

change history

v1.25 (08-May-2024)

v1.24 (10-Apr-2024)

v1.23 (29-Feb-2024)

v1.22 (06-Oct-2023)

v1.21 (07-Sep-2023)

v1.19 (06-Jun-2023)

v1.18 (21-Feb-2023)

v1.17 (03-Jan-2023)

v1.16 (05-Dec-2022)

v1.15 (15-Oct-2022)

v1.12 (11-Jun-2022)

v1.10 (05-May-2022)

v1.9 (03-Apr-2022)

v1.8 (21-Feb-2022)

v1.7 (10-Jan-2022)