Welcome to mSeeJay.dev, an independent Flutter consultant who specialises in app design, development and implementation with over 25yrs experience working in all areas of the development lifecycle from Developer, System Admin, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master and on to Flutter App Consultant.

At mSeeJay.dev, I can help with designing & building a new app for your business or to migrating an existing app to follow Android's architecture guidelines & design principles.

Below are the apps I have designed, built & published on Google Play Store & Microsoft App Store, also listed below are other apps I've designed & built.

Contact me via the below address should you wish to discuss your app requirements.

e-mail - info@mseejay.dev

Current Apps

meal planner

Meal Planner

last updated: 05-Jul-2024


Our Stuff

last updated: 22-Apr-2024

My Recipes

last updated: 01-Mar-2024

Movie Scheduler

last updated: 15-Jul-2024

Project Tool

last updated: 09-Apr-2024

Iron Maiden quiz

last updated: 03-Jul-2024

List Quiz

last updated: 12-Jun-2024

My Sudoku

last updated: 15-Apr-2024


last updated: 11-Mar-2024

Cryptex Quiz

last updated: 28-May-2024

Hang 'eddie' Man

last updated: 03-Jun-2024

Introduction to SQL

coming soon

what's on

pancake store (admin) 

pancake store (user)

music search

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